SAMA Group

SAMA Imballaggi Industriali s.r.l.

It is a dynamic company focusing on the packaging sector. It designs, produces and markets a wide range of products by responding to the growing market demands. Our laboratories are aimed at the constant search for technologically advanced materials and at the design of reliable packaging systems that meet the highest quality standards.

SAMA Marketing e Produzione s.r.l

The company offers qualified services in the editorial, recycling and ecological field. Through years of experience and constant investments in new technologies and machinery, it is nowadays a leader in the several industries in which it operates. It is present all over the country with its own offices, specialized personnel, equipment and machinery and it is always able to offer innovative solutions to its customers.

SAMA Costruzioni s.r.l.

Engaged in the construction field, it is involved in design and construction. The choice of materials and attention to finishes are blended to best meet the customers’ needs. The technical know-how acquired through years of experience and high professionalism allow it to be able to span in various building sectors; its maximum design expression is realized in the residential and commercial ones.

SAMA Magazzini s.r.l.

In addition to employing some of its own facilities to store materials from its affiliates, it operates wide-ranging, offering its service also on behalf of a third party through loading / unloading and goods storage. Our warehouses, all new and extremely functional, have been undergone continuous investment in structural and logistic renewal. Each operation is carried out by taking into account the merchandise characteristics of the products and the specific demands.

SAMA Imballaggi Industriali Srl

SAMA Imballaggi Industriali Srl was born in 1995. The company boasts 20 years of experience in the industrial packaging industry, by designing, producing and marketing a wide range of products, such as: technical papers, cartons and cards _ lm high and low intensity, and virgin and regenerated polyethylene. For years it has been one of the most important economic realities in this sector and it has always stood out on account of its continuous search for innovation about its products.

SAMA Imballaggi Industriali Srl is set up as a state-of-the-art company thanks to the modern machinery used in its production department; not surprisingly, among its customers, the company boasts numerous and important companies in the Extrusion, Cartography, Cartotecnics and Packaging sector operating in the domestic and overseas territories. The company success is mainly related to the activities of the founding partners who over the years have been able to provide the company with the know-how needed to emerge in a highly competitive sector, such as the packaging.
Productive flexibility and the ability to develop alternative and completely innovative solutions have allowed the company to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. Aligned with current market needs, it has laboratories dedicated to the constant search for technologically advanced materials, the design of packaging systems meeting the highest quality standards and the continuous quality monitoring of the produced materials. The care of an excellent service has decentralized offices and an autonomous transport and storage management, guaranteeing punctuality in the deliveries to its customers, also succeeding in briefly delivering throughout Europe.
The company's registered office is located in Rome (Via Emanuele Gianturco No. 96). It also has two local units for the production of packaging materials located in the province of Frosinone, respectively in the municipality of Isola Del Liri and in Castelliri, for a total of 9,000 square meters of industrial warehouses. Given the punctuality and quality of the products provided by SAMA Imballaggi Industriali Srl, it is the only Italian company listed on SCHUCO's official bulk supplier list.


With a view to continuously improving the effectiveness and efficiency of business processes and the creation of high quality products, we work in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015.

The mission we want to pursue is to increase our customers , employees and community’s satisfaction by meeting their needs and expectations. The continuous search for the best possible quality has as objectives:

  • Looking for alternative and innovative packaging solutions
  • Adopting technological solutions aimed at increasing energy and production efficiency
  • Increasing the standardization of productive processes
  • Improving both internally and externally logistics management, through streamlining
  • Improving the maintenance process by increasing the degree of internal control



Design of solutions according to customer needs:

The direct contact with the customer, the full satisfaction of his/her packing requests and transparency in business conduct are at the root of our corporate culture. Strong with a well-prepared and available sales network, a competent and qualified technical team and a valued customer service, we aim to be a partner for our customers with guaranteed reliability, capable of offering tailor-made solutions in order to solve all their packaging problems by offering customized solutions depending on their productive needs. In our laboratories we study and test the different solutions that can be made for the individual item to be packed according to the customer requests (protection packaging, filling, fall test, graphic design) by identifying the most suitable material and equipment. The wide range of products (or customizable on request) combined with our operators technical expertise guarantee the customer an effective and coordinated solution for every need, plus the complete guarantee of having a unique, professional and competent interlocutor.

Assembling with different materials

Our company transforms Paper, Cardboard and Plastic material by creating targeted packaging according to customer's needs. Our packaging can be both simple and composed by assembling the three main categories of products. We have been focusing on research activities for years, and we identify more and more innovative technological solutions for the protection of packaged goods. Each packaging is made by using certified and recyclable raw materials. We use the necessary energy resources carefully to avoid wasting and to control consumption.

Freight transport and warehousing Logistics in a "just in time" logic

Thanks to a sophisticated software, SAMA Imballaggi Industriali Srl is able to manage the whole business cycle (order-production- quality control -logistics-administration) in a fully automated way, by guaranteeing at each stage the constant control of orders and the maintenance of quality standards. Computerization guarantees a fast management of the entire productive process and allows a perfect organization of the logistics system. The precise production planning allows SAMA Imballaggi Industriali Srl to manage the warehouse and schedule the deliveries, succeeding in delivering also the single pallet throughout the Italian market within 48 hours whereas 72 hours are needed to deliver across the European one.

Product Testing Laboratory

SAMA Imballaggi Industriali Srl develops and manufactures a wide selection of packaging systems, it has been focusing its research activity for years, identifying more and more innovative technological solutions for goods protection. Expertise, professionalism and human capital that our company can boast is certainly our strength with the constant search for new technologies and products. In this regard, we are constantly focusing on the "Eco-Sustainability of Packagings", which is expressed not only in the search for packaging materials which, at low shrinkage and high yields, reduces waste and handling of goods, but increasingly tends to the "degradability " of the packaging used. Indeed, we can use a variety of laboratories to study and test the different solutions that can be made for the individual item to be packed according to Customer's requests (protection packing, filling, fall test, graphic design) by identifying the type of material and the most suitable equipment combined with the technical expertise of our operators guarantee the customer to obtain an effective solution for every need.