Our company supplies all types of paper on the market, we set up industrial packaging paper in both reels and pre-cut sheets. Our range includes recycled papers and pure cellulose papers. All of our papers are designed for individual sectors and uses. The main feature is that they are all ecological and recyclable. We have different types of paper: KRAFT, TISSUE, CREASED with colouring on request. The available weights range go from a minimum of 18gr. up to a maximum of 100gr. Consistency in raw material supply sources and the peculiar selection of the same are the main guarantee of uniformity and quality of the finished product supplied.


In the cardboard category, we create different types of product including pasteboard, pesto and corrugated cardboard. Pesto and paired cardboard are available in several weights and can be supplied in coils, sheets and strips. For corrugated cardboard the range of offered products is wide, diversified and constantly evolving. It passes from the single wave to the combinations of two and three waves; from the cardboard produced with fully recycled paper to the one produced with oil-absorbing filter paper, from simple prints to the complex high definition ones. Production ranges from the continuous form to the sheets, from simple American boxes to large industrial packaging, specifically tailored to customer’s specifications. Our product range allows you to meet all market demands in terms of features, size and print. For customization, depending on specific needs, it is possible to choose up to 4 colours, between flexographic printing or paired cardboard with offset pre-printed cover.


Different types of plastic materials in reels for manual use or on specific machineries are available in stock ready for delivery. Our range of products includes extensible, stretch films and elastic hoods. All films are non-toxic, completely recyclable and diversified for measurements, puncture-resistant with elongation capacity and flexibility of use. Upon request, we can manufacture virgin and recycled plastics, coloured, printed and in special sizes according to the most varied needs. We have different types and sizes of high and low density polyethylene bags, even with pressure closure. On demand, there is the possibility to produce non-standard sizes, even coloured and customized with trademarks, logos and prints.